Mid-Suffolk Light Railway Co. 2009

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The Mid-Suffolk Light Railway, known affectionately as 'The Middy', was a classic case of a rural railway that never paid its way. Built in the Edwardian era, it was a late-comer to the railway scene, at a time when mechanized transport was making an appearance on the roads. It effectively went broke before it opened but still managed to struggle on for almost 50 years! This fine example of quirky English history is remembered in Suffolk's only railway museum, also called the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway Co., which is dedicated to keeping alive the memories of the Middy by conserving historical documents as well as preserving the hardware which goes to make up a working railway. The collection of rolling stock is heavily biased towards the Great Eastern Railway, being the mainline railway with which the Middy connected at Haughley and our passenger carriages all date from the 19th Century.
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